How to Patent an Idea

How to Patent an Idea

To determine how to patent an idea – First you need an idea.  Successful inventors are always in a ‘problem recognition mode.’ To put myself in ‘problem recognition mode’ I start with reminders by my bath room mirror, my monitor at work, and the night stand by my bed. In addition, I personally keep a crayon in the shower to jot down thoughts while I am relaxed by the soothing water and removed from daily noises that interrupt clear thought. Once you stop and recognize a problem or idea your mind will both consciously and subconsciously begin to think of ways to remedy or fix the problem. Here comes the invention!

How to Patent an Idea

Once you have a brilliant idea you’re ready for how to patent an idea? Getting a US patent prevents others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling your idea within the United States, and prevents others from importing it into the US. To patent an idea, you’ll need to research it first to make sure that your idea is both new and non obvious (not an insignificant change) and eligible for patent protection. If you determine that your idea gets over the patent hurdles and meets the criteria patent protection its time to review applying for a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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How to get a Patent

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How to get a Patent step 1: Patent Search –  $450 to perform patent searches & provide you with copies of prior art references (US patents & published patent applications) located during our search of your invention.  This is not an online search rather a search at the US Patent Office Search Room. To prepare a written patentability opinion, read and analyze each piece of prior art, and draft patentability opinion letter ($450-800) additional.  Business Method patent search can run $500 to perform the search. Time 1-2 weeks ~$900 to perform a patent search at US Patent Office & prepare a written Opinion on scope of patentability.

How to get a patent Step 2: Patent Application -The attorney time to prepare a US regular patent application having title, technical field, background, brief summary, brief description of the drawings, detailed description of the preferred and selected alternate embodiments, one or more claims, an abstract, and one or more formal drawings of the invention ~$3.5-12k (estimate); however, the price depends on complexity of your invention, number of drawings, number of pages, number of embodiments and usefulness of any provisional application/written record of invention. Plus a filing fee of ~$550-~$1000 (estimate) payable to USPTO (depends on noumber of claims, figures, total page count), and $100 per page formal drawing draftsman charge. Time to prep: 3-4 weeks.~$4.0-12k. Please note, I can only quote a range since I do not know the details of the invention. Any additional service are at $300 an hour.

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