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We have detailed personal experience as a Patent Attorney Marietta GA to guide you form the point of conception of your idea, to the most cost effective means of protecting your idea, to bringing your invention to fruition whether you are planning to manufacture and distribute yourself or whether you plan to license the intellectual property of this invention in return for a royalty. We have developed relationships with infomercial companies, retailers, large niche distributors, and web platform or ecommerce developers to assist you in getting a return on your invention investment. I am an electrical engineer, patent attorney Marietta and former general counsel for a telecom start-up here in Georgia.

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GW IP Law specializes in Intellectual Property Law, including Patents (Provisional), Trademarks, Copyrights, Business Contracts, Licensing, Entity Formation (LLC, S-Corp.), Internet Law and related IP Matters. B&G IP Law is a group of experienced Patent Attorneys Marietta with intellectual property, corporate & business transaction experience from Atlanta’s top law firms, in-house corporate law departments or both. Our fee arrangements are flexible whether based on standard hourly rate, flat fee, per project, or as temporary assistance to General Counsel on per day, week, or longer term commitments. Call our office for a FREE initial consultation with Patent Attorney in Marietta Georgia.

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